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Let's spread the Love frequentie all over the world

When we all connect mind within the Heart.
We create a sharp focus with one purpose solving obstacles, aspects of people we have difficulty’s with in the Heart. 
It is an Ancient Tibetan Boeddhism meditation practise called Tonglen. 
We let go that what is temporary by embracing it with Love, by burning it with the 2th Cosmic Ray of Sunfire.

This is a powerful meditation that helps deal with life and death.
A powerful meditation that helps to detach.

Know, if fear arises then the opportunity is born to increase in Love.

You are so welcome to be a part of the raising heart vibration gatherings

* These gatherings are on Donation base. This means that you give from the Heart.
All donations go directly to the Ulule Crowdfunding platform for the realisation of the Soulpath Healing Journey meditations. These powerfull meditations are produced with brainwave music and high vibrational extra sounds to harmonize the right & left brain. To allign and to help you being rooted in the Heart connected with Centre of the Earth, the Heart of our Planet and the source of all excistence.
Youre GIFT makes the realisation of this beautiful project that benifits all nature kingdoms possible.
Step 1: You will be send to the Donation page, where you can
Step 2: Donate your gift of your choice
Step 3: Check your Email with the Zoom link.

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Worldwide Open Up Movement
Open Your Heart

Every monday eve @ 8:00 PM