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The Nectar of Clear Bliss

19 mei - 21 mei

€35,00 – €433,33

The Nectar of Clear Bliss is a Inner Alchemy 2 Days Immersion Workshop.


Breathwork, movement, self massage and sexual energy activation.

We generate profound bliss by activating and enjoying the nectary essences of our Vajra Body.

The experience of orgasmic meditative radiance expand into spiritual realization, emotional integration and physical healing.

the alchemy of the essences.

Coming from traditional Tantric Vajrayana Buddhist context the practice makes the whole human system blissful yet calm, grounded and not hyperexcitable, preventing many side effects of modern Kundalini and neo-tantra techniques.

The Nectar of Clear Bliss aim is to discover, awaken and increase the Water-Father Blissful Essence of the Subtle Vajra Body.

The essences or “Tigles” are the specialty of Vajrayana Highest Yoga Tantra Inner Alchemy and are at the root of the work in the Body Mandala Research Project.

The experience of the essences has various degree of intensity and stability: it pertains to experiences of warmth, pleasure, orgasm, joy, rapture, satisfaction, clarity, non-conceptuality and inner peace.

In the Alchemical procedure of the nectary Water-Father Essence, the psycho-physical experience of pleasure is de-conceptualized and used as a tool to heal and nourish the physical body, to soothe and stabilize the emotional landscape and to open the mind into the loving heart-space of the innermost nature of being.

In practice, this technique is an Inner Yoga procedure that stimulate the human body to produce a strong sensation of juicy and nectary pleasure coming from the root of the palate, spreading through the entire body via particular energy pathways.

Found in ancient Indian and Tibetan Tantric Inner Alchemy, this technique truly awakens the practitioners’ subtle energy system in a safe and watery way.

This is an orgasmic, tangible and physical experience that ripples in the practitioners’ subtle dimensions and settle them in a meditative state.


a safe space.

Although the practice involve sexual energy activation , the Inner mandala is an individual and personal practice, where we come in tune with our sexuality in a safe, respectful and meditative manner, balancing it and recognizing this creative energy as sacred and pure.

The focus is turned inward, and in the workshop there is no requirement of Nudity and personal contact is not allowed during the sessions.

In a safe and sacred space, The practitioners engage in gentle, yet potent yogic exercises and breathwork, practicing by themselves but in a circle as a mandala.

In learning this rare and extremely potent technique, the practitioners fully empower themselves and they receive the tools to embark in more advanced Inner Alchemy Procedures.

The practice of the Water-Father Essence pertains particularly to types of inner pleasures and sensations that are generally predominant in ejaculatory orgasms, especially in how males experience them. Although this essence is predominant in males, it is of course preset in females too. On an advanced level this nectary sensation can be used as food substitute to energize and sustain the body during controlled fasting meditation retreats.

an ancestral and authentic system.

This inner sensations are awakened in a controlled way and then spread into the Subtle Vajra Body thorugh a system of subtle energy clusters of channels called Chakras.
The Chakra system in the Vajrayana Highest Yoga Tantra is fundamentally different than the 7 Chakra system popularized in the West. In Vajrayana, different Chakra systems are used in relation of what kind of inner alchemical process the practitioners want to perform.

In this system working with the Water-Father Essence or “Inner Nectar” or “Amrita”, the Essence is spread vertically from up to down. When this pleasures arrive in different clusters of channels, they induce different kind of blisses, that pertain to different dimensions of the practitioners.

The “Great Bliss Chakra” located in the brain and pineal gland, and the “Supporting Great Bliss Chakra” at the genitals are the core of the system and their function is to increase and release the production of hormones and inner chemicals that open a sensation of bliss, orgasm and joy in the practitioners’ experience.

The “Enjoyment Chakra” connecting to the throat, mouth and tongue has the function to spread this bliss into the emotional dimension and, by deconceptualizing the sensation of pleasure, it soothes and brings satisfaction into the practitioners’ emotional landscape.

The “Chakra of Truth” in the chest, connecting to the heart, has the function to open into the mind dimension, uncovering the blissful truth of self-knowledge and to induce spiritual realization.

The “Chakra of Emanation” at the navel, connecting with the digestive and metabolic system, has the function to spread the bliss into the physical body, creating natural painkillers and stimulating physical health.

 an auspicious occasion.
This is a residential retreat in Belgium’s Nature.

Arrival May 19 2023 in the Evening

20-21 May 2023 Intensive practice.

533,33 € all included (other prices also availible).
The price is included with 2 night stay and 3 meals a day.

The participants will have access to a telegram group for who want to continue to practice, share experiences and further guidance.

The participants will have then access to Inner Nectar classes held periodically online tough zoom.

REGISTER by contacting Vajra Seba!

We are not “selling the dharma” so Nobody will be turned away for lack of resources. If you are truly interested in join but find some difficulties please contact us and we will find a solution!


19 mei
21 mei
€35,00 – €433,33
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Soulpath – Herbronning, Coaching & Retreat
Bemortel 24
Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Vlaanderen 2860 Belgium
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